Trendiest Glasses to Block Blue Light

Trendiest Glasses to Block Blue Light

Since digital screens are such a huge part of our lives, we need to take the necessary steps to help protect our eyes against digital eye strain. However that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel great while doing so! We have broken down some of the trendiest computer glasses that are available today!

The Frankie 

Big, round frames are all the rage! These are the perfect size and also come in three beautiful colors!

The Florence

This rounded-square frame comes straight from our Italian collection and is one of our most popular buys! The frame compliments most face shapes and matches with any outfit!

The Stacey

The oversized round frame is funky yet stylish! Shop now before we run out!

The Grant

The clubmaster style is back! These frames will keep your eyes protected from blue light while looking great!


The Grace

Although it comes in five beautiful colors, the crystal trend is in! Clear frames are the perfect accessory because they match with anything and everything!