3 Sources (Other Than Screens) of Irritating Blue Light

3 Sources (Other Than Screens) of Irritating Blue Light
Screens aren't the only source of pesky blue light.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Welcome to the 21st century – where our day-to-day routine is more and more likely to make our eyes sore and tired. Eye strain has definitely become more prominent since the introduction of computers to our work stations. The growing use of tablets and smartphones has not helped, as prolonged daily screen use is a major contributor to eye strain. In fact, screen-related eye strain has its own name: digital eye strain.

The reason all that screen use is so uncomfortable? Screens emit blue light – and prolonged exposure to this wavelength of light makes our eyes hurt. Blue light is harder for our eyes to process. As our eyes move back and forth, reading a screen, they have to work harder to focus on what’s in front of them. That extra work is a potential irritant, and can lead to tired, sore eyes.

However, screens alone aren’t to blame for blue light-related eye strain! You are also exposed to blue light by:

  • Television. While we tend to associate eye strain with work-related devices, they aren’t the only screens you need to worry about. Our television sets are also guilty of this. And in 2016, American adults watched five hours and four minutes of television per day on average! That’s a lot of additional blue light exposure, and is just as likely to strain your eyes as any other screen.
  • Lighting. Fluorescent lights, incandescent light bulbs, and even LED lights all release varying amounts of blue light while running. Overhead lights in particular can put extra strain on your eyes, which will have to work harder to process the bright light above them. The result is that the lighting in your home and office can each potentially contribute to your risk of experiencing eye strain.
  • Sunlight. Yep, it’s true! Sunlight contains both UV and blue light. UV light is non-visible and is associated with skin cancer and other damaging effects. The visible light, however, contains wavelengths of blue light.

With so many sources of blue light surrounding us everywhere we turn, it’s no wonder that our eyes are struggling to keep up. Fortunately, there are solutions to all this extra exposure. Computer eyewear in particular is the newest and greatest tool to help us feel more comfortable. Glasses to protect our eyes from computer screens can help to reduce the direct impact of all the blue light around us!

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