4 Ways To Increase Work Productivity

4 Ways To Increase Work Productivity

We all have had those work days when it’s hard to stay focused and productive. On these days time seems to drag and it seems like with every hour you focus less and less. Losing focus isn’t the best thing to do while at work because it pushes you behind and causes your work to accumulate.  We’ve found a few things that have helped us stay on task throughout the day and decided to pass them on to you! Below is a list of 4 ways to increase productivity and focus in the workplace.

Turn off alerts

If you keep your emails and text message alerts you wont get distracted every time your phone  lights up. Build in time throughout the day check your notifications and use your other time to beat your deadlines.

Step back from the screen

Build in a break a few times a day to step away from the screen. Digital eye strain causes tiredness and dry eye. These symptoms sometimes make it hard to focus. By stepping away from the screen or wearing a pair of our glasses you’ll have more time to be productive!

Create a list of your daily tasks

If you create a list of your daily routines and determine how much time you spend doing each task your productivity will increase. You can allot time to certain tasks and build in breaks instead of losing focus and feeling forced to get tasks done.

Get enough sleep

Not getting a good night’s sleep the night before a work day really impacts your productivity.  All you can think about is going home and sleeping when you get off. Make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep to be fully productive the next day.

If you feel like you’re losing focus at work it may have a lot to do with the amount of time you spend in front of the computer. To reduce the straining and tiredness in your eyes check out our specs! Remember to manage your time wisely and work smarter not harder! We know our specs reduce eye strain and can help improve your work productivity!