5 Movies We Can’t Wait To See!

5 Movies We Can’t Wait To See!
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With the warming weather and seasonal thunderstorms rolling through town, we have one thing on the brain: a day at the movies! Sure, we have access to tons of media thanks to our subscription services, but you just can’t beat a day in the theater. We’re particularly ready to grab some popcorn and enjoy the following five movies the next time we need a break from the summer sun (or storm):

  1. Deadpool 2: How can we not be excited for this one? After laughing while watching Deadpool imitate Bob Ross and dance around Céline Dion, we’re ready for the full experience. And after the intensity of the new “Avengers” movie, we’re definitely ready to laugh at some raunchy humor and silly heroics. (Just remember, parents: Deadpool 2 is rated R!)
  2. Incredibles 2: Fact – you are never too young or too old for a good Pixar movie. Another fact – after fourteen years, the world’s greatest superhero family is back on the big screen! We’re definitely ready to cheer on this family as they work through their challenges to come together and save the day (again). This one promises to deliver some quality feel-good content.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Jurassic World theme park has fallen. Now, three years since the last movie, a volcano has become active and threatens the lives of the dinosaurs living within the former  park. And so, action is taken to see what can be done for these living attractions. Real talk time – we know no movie in this series will never be as good as the first one, but come on: dinosaurs and Chris Pratt!
  4. Ant-Man & The Wasp: If there’s one thing we can count on Marvel for (normally!), it’s simply a fun time. Their July release promises to be just that, as their smallest hero teams up with a new partner and sets out to defeat a new villain. Ant-Man is especially well known for playing with the size of objects and characters alike – remember the first movie, where the final battle took place on a Thomas the Tank Engine layout? Needless to say, we’re very excited to see the creativity in the sequel’s action scenes!
  5. Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Twenty-two years after the first movie came out in theaters, the sixth installment  is set to hit screens this summer. And something tells us it will offer a great round of over-the-top fun! Hey, sometimes that’s all you need from a summer blockbuster. And it’s always great to hear that catchy theme music again!

These are just some of the movies we’re dying to see this year. Fortunately, we have easy access to another movie tool: our very own computer glasses. The same blue light from a computer that irritates our eyes and causes digital eye strain can also be found in theaters, on their enormous screens. So if you see us at the movies, you can be sure we’ll be geared up just as we would be for a day at the office!

If you, like us, love watching the latest and greatest hits after a long day at the office, our computer eyewear glasses can help you enjoy yourself even more. Look through our various frame collections – we promise you’ll find a stylish purchase that will make your work-time and your down-time much more comfortable!