5 Things You Can Do For Healthy Vision Month

5 Things You Can Do For Healthy Vision Month
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We lead busy lives these days, and our eyes are helping us every step of the way! In fact, 80% of the information you take in every day is processed via your eyes. That’s a lot of work and responsibility for your vision – and is why your eyes deserve and need to be cared for properly.

In honor of Healthy Vision Month, we want to help you give your eyes some much needed TLC. So, as we step forward into the new season, take a moment to spring clean your eye care habits and to adhere to guidelines laid out by eye care experts:

Schedule an annual eye exam. Eye exams aren’t just something you get because you can’t see well. In addition to measuring changes in vision, exams provided by an eye doctor can catch health issues before they become serious. Many eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages – and some health issues, such as diabetes, can damage your eyes as they worsen. An eye exam, therefore, is the first line of defense against a range of health problems!

Take care of yourself. You’ve heard it all before: eat right, exercise, don’t smoke. Turns out the same advice for keeping your body healthy can keep your eyes healthy, too. Proper nutrition can help to reduce your risk of developing certain eye diseases. Exercising to reduce your risk of chronic issues like diabetes and high blood pressure can also help your vision stay clearer. And avoiding tobacco products also helps to keep your risk of vision problems at a minimum.

Check your family history. Eye diseases can have a genetic component. While  family history is never a guarantee that you’ll have the same problem as your relatives, it’s a risk factor that needs to be mentioned. Keeping your doctor in the know will allow him or her to provide the preventative care you need when you need it.

Grab some shades. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays doesn’t just raise your risk of skin cancer – it can raise your risk of developing cataracts and eye problems as well. To help keep your vision healthy and clear, grab a pair of sunglasses to wear any time you head outside. And when purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.

Use protective eyewear. Grabbing the right gear for your eyes based on what you’re doing is a great habit to get into. Even if you casually play sports, for example, it’s important to have the right equipment for your games. And even certain house chores can be a potential source of an eye injury. In our line of work, we tend to be around people who rely on computer eyewear to care for their eyes. The reality is that screens – which are around us constantly – exhaust us. Our eyes are not designed to focus on something for more than a couple of hours. Now combine an eight-hour work day, with us using screens in our personal lives, plus the fact that the light our screens give off is difficult for our eyes to filter. That’s hard on the eyes! Fortunately, there are stylish glasses for computer use you can buy to make all this screen time easier on the eyes. Our team is proud to make computer eyewear that reflects and absorbs a portion of the light from screens, giving our eyes a bit of relief and making their job a little bit easier.

If you need new glasses for computer use specifically, we can help! Visit our website to start shopping our various frame collections, and to find the perfect glasses for your busy, screen-heavy life!