Blogger We Love: Elle Spann

Blogger We Love: Elle Spann

Bloggers spend a lot of time on their computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices. We know a lot of our readers are bloggers or working professionals who spend countless hours in front of electronic screens and can greatly benefit from our product. Blogger Lauren Spann of Southern Elle Style is a big fan of Phonetic! Not only is she a fabulous blogger and side ponytail enthusiast, but she also works full time in Texas doing merchandising for the Dallas Cowboys.

Read more below to see what we love about Lauren Spann (or Elle Spann) of Southern Elle Style!

Lauren loves the Blair as much as we do and it compliments her day to day style! This sassy and stylish frame in tortoise not only looks fantastic on her, but also protects her eyes from the harsh blue light from a full day of work and a full night of blogging!

The Blair in blue looks great on her too!


Lauren’s blog began as a supplement for her custom bow tie business, but has quickly taken over her free time! We’re so excited that she made the shift from bow ties to blogging! Keep up the great work, Lauren and don’t worry about digital eye strain, Phonetic has you covered!

Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram (@Ellespann) and show her some love! Don’t forget to check out our selection here to protect yourself from Digital Eye Strain (DES)!