Dangers of Digital

Dangers of Digital

Digital Eye Strain is a big deal, but not many people know about its dangers. Which is unfortunate because it’s the result of something we all do for hours on end each day: look at a screen.

The Vision Council found that four in 10 millennials and one-third of Gen Xers spend nine or more hours a day using a digital device. If you figure 8 hours for work and an hour of pleasure viewing here and there outside of work, it’s not too far-fetched. It does seem to be unavoidable though.

Luckily, in addition to the Vision Council’s annual report on the issue, more and more news organizations have been picking up stories on digital eye strain,, also referred to as computer vision syndrome, as well as how to help alleviate the symptoms.

There are solutions that can ease the pain and protect your eyes. The best ways include taking breaks from looking at your screens, reducing the brightness and glare from your screens, and investing in a pair of computer glasses, even if you don’t normally wear glasses, to stop some of the dangerous blue light from reaching your eyes.

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