Dressing up with Glasses - Our Top 5 Costumes

Dressing up with Glasses - Our Top 5 Costumes

Ah, Halloween. It’s during this time of year that our appreciation for characters wearing glasses grows. What’s better than being able to integrate your daily eyewear right into your dress-up?

Of course the next logical question is, who should I dress up as? So after extensive office polling, we came up with our very own top 5 list – our top 5 favorite characters with glasses, which you can now use as inspiration for your next costume party. 

Velma. Jinkies! Velma Dinkley is a perfect costume, especially for those of us in love with our larger square frames. While we don’t recommend losing your own glasses quite as often as Velma does, we do demand pictures if you find an entire Scooby Gang to go with your Velma.

Velma Dinkley.pngDexter. Many of us remember “Dexter’s Laboratory” fondly and are all about a great Dexter costume. Glasses? Check. White coat? Check. Black boots? Check check! Bonus points if you can find a curly orange wig and you host a house party where you periodically shout at people to get out of your laboratory.

Harry Potter. It’s been 20 years since we first met young Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as this chosen wizard? Plus, you can easily head out with your friends by asking them to pick up some robes with their house crest on them. Bonus points if you spend money on a proper replica wand!

Cyclops. We admit: Scott Summers’ glasses don’t have quite the every-day look that Harry’s or Velma’s do. But that just means you’ll have a reason to pick up some really cool shades. Cyclops has appeared in different costumes and settings throughout “X-Men” movies and comics alike – so now’s the perfect time to pick your favorite look and begin work on quite the costume.

Walter. “Breaking Bad” may be long done, but its impact on us isn’t going anywhere. Not only will a Walter costume be well received – it’s pretty inexpensive and easy to make. So grab your glasses and get to work! Just don’t go throwing any pizzas on roofs.

While this isn’t every glasses-wearing character out there, this list is a great example of ways you can embrace your glasses without shame on Halloween and at costume parties. Even better, if you shop with Phonetic Eyewear, we can help you find glasses that not only fit the part, but help you manage your day-to-day screen use. We specialize in partial blue light blocking glasses and anti-glare glasses for computer and screen use. That means that once your party is done, you can use your computer, tablets, and more each day – with little fear about your eyes straining to work through the light the devices are giving off!

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