It’s that time in the semester when you’re almost done, but you have one last hurdle to overcome. FINALS… Whether you’re a freshman or senior finals are still very dreadful. We have 7 golden rules for you to get over the stresses of finals. We hope they work for you as well as they worked for us!!

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Make sure your stomach is full

Eating is a way to energize yourself and gain the energy your brain needs to continue to study throughout the week. It can also be used as down time for you to talk to friends and keep your mind off studying for a couple hours.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleep is needed for stressful weeks like this. Your brain needs to rest and also re-energize itself. Cramming will only burn your brain out and you may not retain the information you just studied.

Make sure you read your notes and are able to explain the material in your own words

Reading over your notes will refresh your memory of the material you’ve learned throughout the semester. Also, being able to recite the material in your own words will prove that you truly understand the course work.

Make sure you take time away from Netflix, social media, and gaming

Procrastination seems to be inevitable when studying for anything. These three things cause the greatest amount of distraction.  We’re sure you’ll ace your examine by making sure you stay away from these distractions and buckle down while studying.

Make sure you create a schedule to manage your study time

Creating a schedule for the semester is a must, but if you haven’t done so it’s time to start. Managing your time is the key to success is college. There still may be extracurricular activities during finals week. We know that in order to give every activity attention that week you need an extremely detailed schedule.

Make sure to form study groups to engage in different study techniques

Study groups are great! You may have missed a class and forgot to get the material. Also, talking the notes and information through with another person can help you understand the material in depth.

Make sure you relax

We know that finals are nerve-racking, but overthinking won’t help so make sure your relax throughout the week. Don’t forget to take time to unwind whether it’s exercising, eating a good dessert, or just laying down. When developing your weekly schedule make sure you make time for relaxation!

We hope these tips help you as much as they helped us! Good luck with acing finals! After you ace your finals head over to our site to reward yourself with some new frames!