Four Benefits of Computer Eyewear!

Four Benefits of Computer Eyewear!

As the usage of digital devices increases, the effects of it on our eyes also increases. Too much screen time can also lead to a variety of other issues such as bad posture and sleep disturbances. Wearing protective, computer eyewear, even if you don’t have a prescription, it is imperative in this day and age where we spend a majority of our day in front of a screen. We have listed four of the largest benefits of using computer eyewear.

Filters Blue Light

Computer glasses are made to filter out the blue light that is emitted from digital screens. Phonetic lenses deflect 35%-50% of the blue light from back-lit devices which is substantially more than most other brands on the market. Additionally, we use clear lenses as opposed to yellow to make sure the color of your screen and other objects around you are not distorted.

Minimum Glare from Your Computer Screen

In addition to the blue light-reflecting coating, our lenses have an anti-glare coating as well. These are designed to help reduce the glare from your computer screen and help focus your vision.

Better Posture

Have you ever noticed when your eyes get tired after sitting in front of your screen for hours on end, you might tend to start leaning closer towards your computer to get a better view of your screen? Computer glasses will help! The blue blocking coating will help reduce the strain your eyes feel after screen time, therefore you won’t need to lean closer to your device and hurt your posture.

Reduce Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Typical symptoms of computer vision syndrome include dry or red eyes, disruption of sleep or blurred vision. Wearing computer eye wear while in front of back-lit devices will help alleviate some of those symptoms and provide more comfort overall while in front of a screen.