Get Ready To Play With These Gaming Day Tips!

Get Ready To Play With These Gaming Day Tips!
Blue Light Blocking Glasses for video games
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Today we want to talk about video games. While much of our work focuses on making work itself more comfortable, we also think that the things we do for fun should be as pleasant as possible. That brings us to video games. They’re a fun way to pass the time – we’re really digging these games from 2017 right now! But a gaming binge can put strain on your body and eyes alike.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to! With the right tricks, a day-long gaming marathon doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck, or the back, or anywhere else. Here’s what we recommend to take your game day to the next level:

  • Plan for some sleep. Sleep is most definitely not just for the weak. A lack of sleep can affect your blood pressure, hormone levels, mood, and concentration. And chronic sleep loss is tied to health issues like heart disease and diabetes. Since many of us don’t get enough sleep day-to-day already, making time for a nap during your game binge is a must. Ideally, you’ll get a full night’s rest before you play – but if you absolutely can’t wait, planning a few hours of breaks for naps will suffice.
  • Fuel up. It’s easy to forget about food and drink when you’re in the zone. But forgetting to fuel up can make you cranky, give you a headache, and affect your concentration and your gaming skills. Try to take breaks so that you can slow down and properly enjoy a (nutritious!) meal during your gaming binge. We’ll even accept you snacking on an apple, some pretzels, or anything with some nutritional value. Finally, keep water on hand. Carbonated beverages won’t keep you nearly as hydrated and focused as water – or flavored water, if you need that extra zing!
  • Stretch. Sitting is the new smoking, and that applies to your gaming habits, too. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to pain in your back and neck in the short term, and can contribute to other health issues if you are often sedentary. Some would recommend not gaming for long periods of time at all, especially if you normally sit for work as well. If you must go on a gaming binge, at the very least you should set an alarm and make time to stretch every hour. This will help to keep your body in the game, too!
  • Rest and protect your eyes. Our area of expertise – eye strain – can unfortunately ruin a good game just as easily as it can interfere with work productivity. The problem is often overlooked by gamers, but can be extremely irritating. Digital eye strain can set in after about two hours of screen time. Part of this is because our eyes weren’t made to do the same thing for long periods of time. Imagine if you flexed a muscle all day, constantly – that’s the same pressure that staring at a screen without a break puts on your eyes! Screen use also leads to us blinking less frequently, which dries out our eyes and contributes to our irritation.

Fortunately, this last problem is easy to manage. Breaks from your game screen are all it takes – and these eye breaks can be combined with your naps, meals, and stretches. If you use screens constantly during your day, you may also consider a combination of screens and computer glasses! While playing a game, your eyes are exposed to potentially harmful blue light, which is emitted from computers and other backlit devices. But many modern glasses offer styles with blue light blocking lenses, which can cut down on your eyes’ exposure to this light. This helps to reduce its strong effect on your eyes and reduces the irritation of digital eye strain!

Interested in finding some stylish blue light blocking lenses? Phonetic Eyewear offers special lenses designed to reflect and absorb a portion of the blue light emitted from computers, smartphones, and other digital devices – helping to protect your eyes from eye strain! Check out our FAQ page to learn more or visit our online shop to find the perfect glasses for your game day.You can also contact us with any questions you have during your shopping process.