Got Glasses? Clean Them the Right Way with These 3 Tips!

Got Glasses? Clean Them the Right Way with These 3 Tips!

If you wear glasses, you understand that they can get surprisingly dirty in a short amount of time. Regular cleanings are critical, both to keep your glasses in great shape for as long as possible and to ensure that they’re helping you see clearly. However, it’s important to remember that it takes the right tools to clean a pair of glasses. Specifically, you should:

  • Wash your glasses with warm – not hot! – water. Washing your glasses with water will help to remove dust and debris from the lenses safely. However, you should never use hot water to do this, as higher temperatures can damage some types of eyeglass lens coatings.
  • Use lotion-free soap. If you use soap during your lens cleaning process – which you should! – that soap should be lotion-free. Experts specifically recommend using lotion-free liquid hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Otherwise, the lotion in the soap could transfer to the lens, creating a streaky mess and just making it harder to get things clean. Similarly, you should wash your hands with lotion-free hand soap before cleaning your glasses, to ensure the lotion doesn’t transfer from your hands to your lenses. Never use ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner during the cleaning process, as these products will very likely damage your glasses.
  • Wipe down your damp lenses with a towel or microfiber cloth. When wiping down and cleaning your glasses, it’s important to always use a clean cloth or towel that has not been cleaned with a fabric softener or dryer sheet – these items can leave behind substances that will smear glasses lenses. The key word is clean, as random towels that have been used for other tasks may contain debris that will dirty up and scratch your glasses. Never use your shirt, napkins or other rough materials to get the job done – these are more likely to scratch your glasses. And never wipe down glasses when they’re dry, as this also increases the chance of you damaging the lenses.

Good glasses care can help them work well for you for as long as possible. However, nothing lasts forever! It’s important to replace glasses that are damaged or which are not helping you see clearly. Inspecting your glasses while cleaning them can help you identify impairments early on, before an emergency develops that leaves you without a pair of vision aids.

Should you discover problems while cleaning your glasses that need to be addressed, you may also opt for new glasses that keep up with your evolving vision needs. For example, if you use computers and screens frequently, you may want blue light blocking glasses that help combat the effects of constant screen use.

Fortunately, this is something we specialize in! Phonetic Eyewear’s line of computer glasses aim to alleviate digital eyestrain and are designed with your comfort and style in mind. It’s just something to consider the next time you evaluate your glasses and vision needs!

Are you on the market for a new pair of glasses? Learn more about the technology behind Phonetic’s blue light blocking glasses or visit our online shop to see if we’re the perfect fit! As a bonus, each of our glasses comes free with a case and microfiber cleaning cloth – just what you need to keep them clean and functional.

(P.S. These glasses cleaning tips apply to us, too, so no matter which pair of glasses you’re using, be sure to keep these guidelines in mind as you continue to care for your vision aids!)