A few months ago a local group called GRLPWRPGH reached out to Phonetic Eyewear in hopes of a partnership opportunity. This Pittsburgh-based female collaborative group focuses on supporting and encouraging women of all professionals, backgrounds and races to be their best selves.

As a female-run company, we love supporting other local, female entrepreneurs. Through this partnership we have met so many women who have inspired us and wanted to reflect on our time!

Conquer Your Queendom Conference:

The first event Phonetic attended was the Conquer Your Queendom Conference. WOW. Saying this day was magical is truly an understatement. From the second we walked in the door, we felt like we were part of something truly special. The decor itself was something right off of our Pinterest board and made for the perfect Instagram post! 

That’s where we come in. Physical and mental health are equally as important. Many of the speakers led morning meditations or dancing seminars to allow attendees to let loose and have some fun! We wanted to bring the physical health into the mix! Everyone spends hours a day in front of digital devices and could potentially be straining their eyes which may cause long-term damage. Our glasses can help! Many users say they notice a difference even after a week of using their Phonetic Glasses! We feel so blessed and inspired by the magnificent women that stopped to talk to us and even purchased some glasses!









Self-Love Sunday:

We also attended another event entitled, Self Love Sunday: The fest. The entire day was filled with workout classes, speakers and vendors that provide products that encourage self care and healing. This event encouraged women of all ages, sizes, color, sexual identity to love themselves and we were honored to be apart of it! Self love comes in many forms whether it’s dancing to let loose, or wearing a pair of computer glasses to help with migraines and stress, it is a necessity to live a healthy lifestyle! Thank you to Amanda Cowen and GRLPWRPGH for letting us be apart of this special day!