Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The season of giving is here. Why not get a pair of protective yet stylish glasses for your love? Decreasing digital eye strain effects is the best gift to give ever, right? It’s a gift that’s both practical and fun. We’re all about helping, so we’ve created a list of glasses that will go perfect with your woman’s style.

Bold and Bright

Does she love to stand out in a crowd? Does she love bright colors? If so, then she’ll love the Harper. It’s bright and bold and will match her personality to a T. Pair these frames with a bright scarf and you have the perfect gift!

Leopard scarf, purple scarf, plaid scarf


Does your lady classy and loves timeless pieces? Well, we have the perfect pair of glasses along with a chic jacket to pair with her new classic frames.The Colleen is timeless and will match your love’s wardrobe for years to come. Her eyewear will be the talk of holiday dinner.

Plaid coat, military coat, vest


Does she love vintage and artistic styles? Then the Sinclair will be an excellent choice for her! It pairs perfectly with the old and the new!

Dress, shoes, gloves


Are oxford prints and blazers her go to? We have the perfect pair of specs that will compliment her preppy and professional wardrobe. The Avery will be her go to pair of glasses for all her timeless outfits!

Earrings, shirt, necklace, wallet

Does your love have a different style type or all of these combined? Don’t worry we have more styles to choose from! Head to our site to pick a pair, and Happy Holidays!