Interactive Art Exhibit

Interactive Art Exhibit

The Gallery 4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is currently showing “An Occasional Dream” New Media Interactive Works by Erin Ko 

This unique exhibition has taken years to come to life. It is definitely an experience. It opened November 7th and has been talked about ever since. It combines communication and digital design with conventional media to tackle the ongoing observation between technology and modern human condition.

As you go through The Gallery 4 you’ll see Erin Ko’s two exhibition pieces from her most recent collections: “Walkabout” and “Nascent”. Her artwork displays various arts of astronauts and psychedelic images. Although this artwork is aesthetically pleasing, once you use your smartphone or an iPad provided by the gallery your art experience changes. When viewed using Erin Ko’s smartphone application, a collage will show 3D “data cylinders”, “mirror selfies”, or absurd headlines pulled from the internet in real time.

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This gallery exhibition is definitely going to change the way art is viewed in years to come.

It’s in our hometown and we we’re able to visit! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area check it out. It is showing through December 30th. Don’t forget to bring your Phonetic Eyewear to protect your eyes while using the technology she has along with her works of art.

For more information visit the gallery website or the artist’s website.