It's Time to Spring Clean Your Work Space!

It's Time to Spring Clean Your Work Space!


It’s the first week of spring and you know what that means… Spring cleaning! Having a clean desk is essential to being an organized worker. Messy, cluttered desks are problematic when unnecessary time is spent looking for documents and office materials. That wasted time can have a serious effect on your work productivity and cause you to fall behind with deadlines. But of course we’re here to help. We’ve created a list of 5 tips you can use to keep your work area organized and tidy. Check them out below. 

Trash the old documents 

Whether it’s in your computer or on your desk. Trash the old files to clear up some space. Clutter in your PC or Mac can cause your computer to go slower. Slow computers are frustrating and can hinder your productivity. On the other hand clutter on your desk is nerve racking and you can lose important documents. Get the trash can ready!

Slow down

Take a deep breath. At times work can be overwhelming especially when you have to multi-task. Always remember to take a deep breath and keep all you files together to prevent a melt down in the future. 

Take a break 

Taking a 15 minute break from the work will be beneficial. You can relax and get your thoughts together but also tidy up your space so the work, paper, and office supplies don’t snowball on your desk. 

Organize your area

You can get folders or binders to begin organizing your desk. In addition, you can create special areas on your desk that have certain documents. By creating these areas you’ll be able to get to important documents quickly.

Make cleaning a habit

Cleaning can be tedious, but at times it can be calming. Try to make it a habit to clean your area so you don’t feel overwhelmed and behind in the future.

If you decide to use our tips don’t forget to mention us or tag us! We’d love to hear about how we help!