Phonetic’s Lens Design

On the market for computer glasses? You’ve probably seen some pretty ugly glasses. We’re impartial of course, but we think our frame designs paired with our specially made computer lenses are the best choice available for protecting your eyes from the digital world. So what makes our lenses so special? We’ve finally found a way to alleviate digital eyestrain without having to sport those special “gamer glasses.”

We’re not saying the yellow lenses on gaming eyewear doesn’t work. It works just great! However, with advances in technology, we were able to develop a product that works without sacrificing style.

Our clear lenses feature a proprietary coating that helps reflect and absorb blue light. Without distorting the color of your computer screen, phone, or tablet, our lenses work to protect your eyes on a daily basis.

Our lenses are designed for daily use and are available in either plano (non-powered) or powered lenses. You choose your power and frame, and let us take it from there. Due to the clear lens, Phonetic’s glasses are a great choice for designers, developers, students, writers, accountants and anyone else who spends a large portion of their day on the computer. Safe to use all day long, our glasses are comfortable and good looking.

Included with your purchase of Phonetic Eyewear is a cleaning cloth & case to protect your glasses. Additionally, each of our frames is treated with a hard coat to prevent scratching and make the lenses easier to clean.

Looking forward to helping you protect your eyes!