Manage Your Stress!

Manage Your Stress!

April is national Stress Awareness Month. Believe it or not, stress is actually considered a national epidemic. We all know the physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches and high blood pressure, but too much stress also poses a variety of mental side-effects, such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and anger. 


Stress can be caused by finances, relationships, and work, and ironically, the side effects of stress actually make it harder to make clear financial decisions, communicate properly in relationships, and have a productive and high-quality work day. 

Throughout April, try and incorporate these stress-relieving tips and activities into your day. Over time, they’ll become habit and part of your routine, and you’ll find yourself feeling less tense, happier, and overall more relaxed!

  • The first step to fixing a problem is realizing there is one. Pinpoint when and why you are stressed so you can be proactive in relieving it!
  • Make sure to wear computer glasses, such as as the ones sold by Us, during the work day. Our eyewear helps to reduce eye strain, which can add to the fatigue and headaches caused by stress.
  • Eat healthier. Pack a balanced lunch instead of going out to fast food restaurants. Healthy food will make you feel physically better, and you’ll save money, relieving some financial stress.
  • Prioritize. Make yourself more organized by focusing your energy. Make a list and complete tasks one at a time.
  • Get to work early. Getting to work even 10 minutes earlier can help you take that extra time to ensure everything is organized and that you are ready for your day, helping to start your day smoothly and stress-free.

Stress can be hard to manage at times, so make sure to follow these tips to live a healthier stress free life. Also, remember to wear Phonetic Eyewear glasses to increase the quality of how you see your day!