Must Have Weather Apps

Must Have Weather Apps

It seems like just last week everyone was complaining about how Global Warming is affecting the weather. Well winter is finally here and it will be staying for a while. The weather changes constantly and keeping updated with notifications from any weather app will pay off in the long run. Thank us later:). Since winter came so abruptly we decided that we should publish a list of the best weather apps available. These apps range from free to $3.99, but they are all worth it!

Dark Sky- $3.99

This App focuses on precipitation and that’s just what we need. This app also includes the normal day-to-day weather, but you can receive notifications about strictly precipitation. With this app you’ll never forget your rain boots or snow-brush ever again!

Weather Line- $2.99

Traveling this winter? This app is a must! Weather Line shows you long-term patterns quickly so you can schedule vacations at the right time.

Fresh Air – Free 

This app is perfect when you have a busy week ahead. It connects with your location and calendar to correlate the weather with your daily schedule. It comes in handy when you have no time to check the weather because of your fast paced daily schedule.

The Weather Channel – Free 

The Weather Channel app shows you a 10-day forecast and gives you the weather by the hour. It also has pictures of the current weather in your area. You can add any location and monitor the weather with maps and forecasts. Everything from in an app!

Storm Shield – $2.99

This focuses on the alerting you when storms are in your area. It shows you in real time what the weather is doing through different maps and anticipated forecasts. Since we’re based in Pittsburgh this was well needed over the weekend with the snowstorm that passed.

Please be safe in this weather! Don’t forget to wear your Phonetic Eyewear while viewing these apps on phones or other electronic devices! Check out our selection here.