Myths About Computer Glasses

Myths About Computer Glasses

Digital devices and screens are such a huge part of our daily lives, so investing in quality computer glasses is a necessity! The lenses in our glasses help alleviate short-term symptoms of digital eye strain such as headaches, dry eyes and poor sleep, however, they can also potentially help with long-term harm such as macular degeneration.

Myth #1: They give off a yellow filter

Our lenses are created with clear lenses so you won’t ever have to deal with that yellowish-hue! No need to worry about distorted colors or ugly yellow 


Myth #2: You can only wear them in front of a screen

Blue light is found all around us! You can wear your Phonetic glasses as normal prescription glasses or if you don’t wear a prescription, they can be worn as an everyday fashion accessory!

Myth #3: Blue light glasses only come in non-prescription

At Phonetic, we want to make sure everyone can find a pair of glasses that works for them! We can provide single-vision prescription lenses, readers or non-prescription!

Myth #4: Only video gamers and full-time workers need to wear them

The reality of the situation is that everyone should be wearing blue light-blocking glasses! Pretty much everyone spends a majority of their day in front of their phone, computer or tablet, therefore getting glasses that will help protect your eyes from blue light is essential!