November Must Have Apps

November is a month of cooking and travelling. Here are some awesome phone apps that will help you stay organized in the kitchen, travel easier, and stay entertained during those long road trips and post-turkey slump. They’re all well-designed enough for techies to love, and simple enough for the non-techies to enjoy. 

Boomerang from Instagram

The latest to come from Instagram is the Boomerang App. This app allows you to create short, looping “mini videos.” With the press of just one button, the app takes 10 pictures with barely a millisecond in between each one, then converts it into a video that loops back and forth. It’s the perfect way to create your own GIFS and capture funny moments.

KitchenPadTM Timer

November means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means a lot of cooking. If you’re the one playing the chef in your family and plan on having many dishes in the oven, stove, and microwave at once, this app is a must-have. It allows you set up to 9 times at once, and you can input what’s on the stove or in the oven, how much time is left, and what the current heat temperature is. That’ll certainly help you stay organized in the kitchen!


If you’re one of the million Americans travelling in November, this app will help you navigate airports with ease. Not only does it provide real-time flight status via push-notifications so you’re never surprised by a delay, it also will give you a map to the terminal/gate, a list of the restaurant’s, restroom locations and convenience stores i the airport, estimated security line times and rental car numbers. This app literally does it all.

Lumino City

This game is one of the most popular ones in the app store right now. Travel through an unbelievably well-designed virtual world-everything you see on screen was made using cardboard, paper, and glue. Combine the amazing images with the mind-boggling puzzles and fascinating story line. and you’ll find yourself playing this game for hours.

Gojee Thanksgiving Recipe Collections: Food and Drink Recipes

Looking to change up your Thanksgiving menu this year? This app has over 350 all divided into different categories such as turkeys, stuffings, pies, and pastas, along with a drink section. One tap gives you the recipe, a grocery list, difficulty and time levels, and an option to see similar but slightly different recipes. You can favorite each one so that you don’t lose it, and that way if it’s a hit, you can easily cook it again next year.