How to Pick the Right Frames for Your Face

How to Pick the Right Frames for Your Face

While their primary purpose is to help us see more clearly, glasses are like any other wearable. Different styles are better suited to reflect our personalities and compliment our physical features. But with so many styles on the market, it can be hard to decide which frames are the right fit for you. 

The good news? Simply by considering your individual facial features, you can make it easier to narrow down your new frame options. Ready to get started? Keep reading to explore which frames are the best match for you!

  • Do You Have A Square Face? “A wide forehead and cheekbones, plus a strong jaw line that resembles a rectangle.” If this describes your facial features, you fall into this category. We recommend wearing oval or round glasses frames, as the circular frame shape will best compliment and soften your features. If you absolutely love aviator and cat eye style frames, these shapes will also go well with your facial features. But square, boxy frames are definitely not recommended!
  • Do You Have A Heart-Shaped Face? A sharp, almost pointed jaw line and wider forehead are the trademarks of a heart-shaped face. If this describes you, we recommend wider, upswept styles like cat eyes, rectangular glasses, or retro square glasses. These will compliment a pointier chin and maintain a balanced facial shape overall.
  • Do You Have An Oval Face? Oval shaped faces are considered the most balanced of facial structures. If your face is widest at your cheek bones, and features a balanced amount of width and length, you’re actually in luck – pretty much any type of glasses frame will look good on you! Your frame choice will ultimately come down to personal taste.
  • Do You Have a Round Face? Last but not least, round faces are best complimented with a pair of rectangular glasses. Any pair of glasses with a fun angle will do nicely, though, so you can choose from plenty of frames that will show off your style. Round glasses, however, are best avoided altogether.

Once you have an idea of the type of frame you want, you’ll find that shopping for glasses will be much easier. The only other big thing to consider will be if you want your glasses to come with any other special features. Certain lenses can block varying amount of UV rays, for example. Still others are designed to make your workday more comfortable. This includes glasses used for computer use – a popular choice given today’s screen-tastic world!

If you’re interested in glasses used for computer use, we can help. At Phonetic Eyewear, we make glasses specifically designed to reduce the effects of digital eyestrain. We also offer a wide range of frame choices, ensuring that the glasses you purchase will look good on you and help you get through a screen-centric day at work. We hope you’ll consider shopping with us as you set out to replace and update your old glasses!

Looking for more information or advice about our frame options? Contact us today with your specific product questions!