Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month

The American Optometric Association announced that March 2017 is Save Your Vision Month. Phonetic Computer Eyewear couldn’t be happier that AOA is devoting the entire month of March to blue light and digital eye strain awareness!

AOA’s most recent post regarding save your vision month is full of great tips and suggestions for protecting your eyes from the ever-changing technology that can have a potentially harmful impact on your eyes. A lot of the suggestions are solutions that Phonetic already advocates including the 20-20- 20 rule. Look away from your screen and focus on something 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds at a time.

Of course, our best suggestion to protect your eyes is to always wear Phonetic computer glasses in front of any back-lit devices. We offer glasses with clear, prescription quality lenses that contain a special coating that deflects a portion of the blue light, which reduces eyestrain and improves focus. The other portions of the color spectrum are not filtered, maintaining a sharp image. Phonetic lenses block approximately 35% of the light in the violet/blue spectrum (380nm to 500nm) and more than 50% of the light from 380nm to 450nm, which is the portion of the violet/blue spectrum with the highest energy content.

Our computer glasses come in non-prescription, single vision prescription, and computer reader options, so there’s no excuse to subject your eyes to potential damage any more. Check out to see our more than 70 different styles starting at $49.

And check out the American Optometric Association page for more information about Save Your Vision Month March 2017!