Self Care Spotlight!

Self Care Spotlight!

Through our connections at GRLPWRPGH, we were introduced to the beautiful Alyssa Kuzins. She is a yoga teacher, female keynote speaker, podcast host and owner of The Journal Deck! Her whole brand revolves around the idea of living a lifestyle that is focused on self care and allowing yourself to be the real you.

The Journal Deck is a set of soulful, ready-made journal prompts. The deck focuses on self care, clarity and being the best version of yourself! These easy to use cards help create a sustainable self care practice just for you!

Partnering with Alyssa and her brand was a no-brainer for us! As a female-run business, that cares about their health, we love working with individuals like Alyssa who encourage everyone to practice a healthy lifestyle whether it’s through yoga, or practicing care in other ways!

Our glasses help reduce headaches and dry eyes which can help decrease overall stress whether you’re at work or just at home on your latest Netflix binge. We offer over 100 styles for both men and women to help you start taking care of your eyes!

Self Care Spotlight:

We were featured in this week’s podcast of Alyssa’s podcast, Self Care Spotlight. Click here to listen! She discusses how often she has used her Phonetic glasses since purchasing and the difference she’s already seeing! You can even use the code ‘selfcare15’ for 15% off your purchase at