Shop Our New Accessories!

Shop Our New Accessories!

Phonetic Eyewear is all about living your digital lifestyle to the fullest! Did you know we sell plenty of accessories that complement our beautiful glasses? Whether you’re looking for extra cases, clothes or a bag to hold it all, we have something for you! 

We’ve recently added to our collection and here are a few of our faves! 

Cleaning Spray:Cleaning Spray

The Phonetic cleaning spray is the absolutely best way to keep your glasses spot free! This is exact spray we use on-site in our lab before we ship out the glasses to you! Shop here to get yours today! 

Pop SocketPop Socket:

Just stick this to the back of your phone for no more accidental drops! Or, use it as a stand to help with your latest Netflix binge! 

Makeup Bag:Makeup Bag

The Phonetic makeup bag is perfect for holding all your Phonetic gear from the glasses, an extra case, a cloth and spray! Or if you’re a constant traveler it’s perfect for holding all your cords or extra belongings!

Large Phonetic Glasses Case:

Although every pair of Phonetic glasses come with a fabric case, this case is made for those frames that are slightly over-sized if you are looking for a little more room! If you ordered frames such as the Amy, Stacey or Taylor, this might be the case for you!

Large Phonetic Glasses Case