Spring 2019 Eye Wear Trends to Look Out For!

Spring 2019 Eye Wear Trends to Look Out For!

It’s officially spring, so that means only one thing, new trends! We are breaking down the top 5 glasses trends of the season!

Over-sized Round: We are seeing men and women everywhere wearing glasses that are over-sized and provide extreme coverage!

Pictured: Stacey in Tortoise

Dapper Semi Rimmed: Also known as “Clubmasters” are filled with personality! These frames provide an iconic style with a bit of sass!

Pictured: Grant in Grey Stripe

Clear/ Transparent: These frames are popping up everywhere we go! Clear frames provide a subtle and understated style element that we haven’t seen in the past and compliment every outfit!  


Pictured: Margot in Crystal

Circular/ Round Frames: Big or small, circular frames have become all the rage! The retro style is making a comeback and is here to stay!

Pictured: Allen in Butterscotch

Large, Square Frames: Square frames will NEVER go out of style! The classic look has been modernized to fit current style trends by being offered in large and over-sized lenses in addition to the smaller lenses that we have seen in the past.

Pictured: Emilio in Blue


At Phonetic we never want to sacrifice style for solution, therefore we provide stylish frames that protect your eyes from blue light. Since so much of our lives are spent in front of a screen or computer, we want to provide a product that customers will love to wear in addition to providing the necessary relief for digital eye strain!