Technology To Watch

Technology To Watch

Every year there’s a new gadget that goes viral and then it becomes irrelevant in a few months when something better comes out!  Although that holds true with most technology we think this product will be around for a while. The Microsoft HoloLens has been something being talked about for a while now. But now it has been confirmed that the developer edition will be released early 2016.

If you’re not familiar with this product the HoloLens is the first holographic computer allowing HD holograms to fuse with your reality and world by placing holograms in your physical world through a headset. Sounds amazing right? Not only can this gadget place holograms in your environment, but the product is wireless and no connection to a phone or computer is needed. This new headset will open new ways to connect, explore, develop, and work in the future.

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Currently, The HoloLens kit will cost 3000 dollars and is expected to ship in early 2016. This edition will be known as the “HoloLens Development Edition”. Developers can now sign up online and purchase the gadget. Only two per customer are available at this time.

Of course we had to make sure you can still wear your Phonetic frames while using the Hololens, and it turns out you can! The headset adjusts so consumers can still wear their eyeglasses! Be on the lookout for more HoloLens updates in the news!