These 5 Shows Are Worth Binge-Watching This Spring

These 5 Shows Are Worth Binge-Watching This Spring
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Sometimes we just need to slow down and take in some Netflix – or Hulu, or Amazon, or whatever streaming service you use to catch up on your fav shows! These days there is so much content that the only thing harder than finding time for a binge is choosing what to binge.

That’s where we come in! We recommend giving the following shows a try this spring. Some are older, some are still airing – and all are worth watching:

1) The West Wing. In terms of modern television, this show is an “oldie but goodie”. Originally running from 1999 to 2006, the show focused on fictional President Jed Bartlett and his staff during Bartlett’s two-term presidency. The show was highly praised by critics and by government staff members for its writing and accuracy. If you’ve never seen this show, give it a try! All seven seasons are on Netflix.

2) The Crown. We admit it – we’re Netflix junkies. We especially love the ongoing historical drama The Crown. So far, two seasons have been produced, the most recent one coming out in December. This biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is another political show, although its inclusion of Elizabeth’s personal relationships will add a more tender touch to a show that’s already hard to resist. Unfortunately, once you catch up on this one, you’ll be waiting for season 3 with us!

3) American Vandal. If serious political shows aren’t your style, this one might be worth your time instead. American Vandal is a great true crime satire show. It’s only 8 episodes long, and is hilarious! In the show, high school students try to prove that classmate and prankster Dylan Maxwell didn’t spray paint his teachers’ cars. Fair warning – Dylan is accused of painting, well, male genitalia onto the cars. If that type of humor isn’t your style, you can skip this one. Otherwise, head to Netflix and get watching!

4) This Is Us. If you don’t watch this show, you definitely know someone who does! Though only in its second season, this award-winning series has stolen the hearts of the nation. Plus, parts of the show are set in Pittsburgh, just like us! On the off chance that you don’t know what the show is about, we refuse to spoil its first episode and fantastic twist. Just give the show a try via Hulu – and be sure to have some tissues on hand.

5) Jessica Jones. We bet you’ve at least heard of this one! Join Jessica as she tries to rebuild her life as a private investigator, dealing with cases involving people with remarkable abilities in New York City. A word to the wise, if you haven’t heard – this show takes some dark turns. But be warned: It will make you want to binge-watch its sister Marvel shows on Netflix. Watch this one with caution, fellow TV addicts!

Now that you’ve got your watchlist, there’s one more important thing to remember. It’s not a secret that binging a show isn’t the healthiest thing you’ll ever do. In addition to affecting us physically, staring at a screen all day is pretty hard on the eyes. Fortunately, that problem is easily resolved!

Many glasses today are designed for use as computer eyewear – and they can be used whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or standard television. And since blue light emitted from your computer and TV screens can cause your eyes to feel fatigued, wearing the right screen and computer eyewear can help cut down on your discomfort and make for a binge session worthwhile!