Traveling This Summer? We've Got You Covered!

Traveling This Summer? We've Got You Covered!

Stay up to date with some of the best apps to improve the quality of any of your trips this summer. Take a peek below and tell us how you think we did at creating this list of the top five travel apps on our Twitter page

XE Currency Traveling to another country requires planning. Some of that planning involves obtaining currency used in that country. XE Currency gives you up to date conversion rates for the currency you want to trade for. You can also view historic conversion charts for any currency you would like.


RoadTrippersEver wish you had some suggestions for the best places to stop to eat, sleep, or stretch while travelling? Say no more RoadTrippers was built for travelers like you! RoadTrippers is a GPS that suggests places of interest based on how long and where you are travelling. It even estimates how much you can expect to spend on gas.

Glympse When travelling in a group staying together can sometimes be a challenge. This app can send your location out to a group of friends to simplify finding the rest of your group. Glympse helps to eliminate the conversation of asking where someone is and instead lets you head straight to their location.


PackPointEver forget to bring something on a roadtrip? PackPoint was made to help forgetful travelers. PackPoint allows you to create lists of essential items you may need to bring. Packing appropriately is important when planning for a roadtrip. Don’t forget anything by using PackPoint. 


Hopper– For finding the absolute best deals for flights choose Hopper. Hopper works by letting you input price, location, and time to find the best flights available for you. Hopper can also alert you to when a flight drops in price and when your flight is scheduled or rescheduled to depart.