We Love Bloggers, Especially Their Eyes ;)

We Love Bloggers, Especially Their Eyes ;)

Hey bloggers, what are you doing to protect your eyes from the hours upon hours you spend in front of backlit devices? Did you know that the blue light emitted from your computer and other digital screens can be hurting your eyes? Phonetic Computer Eyewear is a stylish and simple way to fight the toll these digital devices take on our eyes.

“What is blue light?”, you ask. It is the violet blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 380 nanometers (nm) to 500 nm [It’s science]. Blue light is also known as HEV – High Energy Visible light. The most common source of HEV is the sun, obvi, but there are several other culprits out there such as, fluorescent lights, LED lights, TV screens, laptops/computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Now, not all blue light is bad, some (465 nm – 495 nm) is essential to our vision and circadian rhythm or internal sleep/wake cycle. However, recent findings from the AMDF American Macular Degeneration Foundation, suggest that because HEV penetrates deep into the retina it may potentially contribute to macular degeneration, a disease that deteriorates the retina and results in vision loss. Macular Degeneration is typically age related, but we may be speeding up the process by exposing our eyes to higher concentrations of HEV far more frequently. Overexposure to HEV can also suppress the body’s natural release of melatonin which can throw off your sleep cycle (No Thank You!).

Our increased exposure to backlit devices is most commonly linked to digital eye strain (DES). The symptoms of DES include: dry eyes, headache, blurred vision or double vision, and neck and shoulder pain. People who typically suffer from DES are, bloggers, coders, gamers, graphic designers, students, techies, office workers who are in front of a computer and under fluorescent lights all day, and frequent nighttime Netflix bingers 😉

Phonetic can help! We offer glasses with clear, prescription quality lenses that contain a special coating that deflects a portion of the blue light, which reduces eyestrain and improves focus. The other portions of the color spectrum are not filtered, maintaining a sharp image. Phonetic lenses block approximately 35% of the light in the violet/blue spectrum (380nm to 500nm) and more than 50% of the light from 380nm to 450nm, which is the portion of the violet/blue spectrum with the highest energy content.

Our computer glasses come in non-prescription, single vision prescription, and computer reader options, so there’s no excuse to subject your eyes to potential damage any more. Check out PhoneticEyewear.com to see our more than 70 different styles starting at $69.