What is the Best Way to Clean Your Computer Glasses?

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Computer Glasses?

Who wants fingerprints and smudges all over lenses of their glasses? No one. We have compiled a list of the best way to keep your blue light glasses clean and spot-free!

Phonetic Cloth Case:

Every time you order with Phonetic, you are sent our signature blue cloth case. Any time that you are not wearing your computer glasses, they should be kept safe in their case so they do not get scratched or damaged. 

If you ordered a larger frame such as the Stacey, Casey or Amy, we are now offering a larger version of our blue cloth case!  Although any frame will fit in the provided case, this extra room is perfect for those who are wanting to stay on-trend with the larger frames and also care about keeping their glasses safe! Use the link here to shop!


Phonetic Cleaning Cloth:

Each pair of Phonetic computer glasses are sent with our microfiber cleaning cloth. Any time you see any sort of dirt or smudge on your lenses, you should pull out your cleaning cloth to clear off any imperfections!

Do you want a Phonetic cleaning cloth with you everywhere you go? Head to our accessories page and purchase an extra cleaning cloth so you can keep one at your desk, in your car or just to have an extra one laying around the house! 

Phonetic Cleaning Spray:

Before your glasses leave our office, our trained lab professionals clean off your glasses with our Phonetic cleaning spray! You can now purchase a small bottle for yourself here so you can always have your glasses looking good!