What To Do On Valentine's Day?

What To Do On Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… It’s time to start thinking about what you and your sweetie will be doing that weekend or day. We’ve created a short list of fun activities every nerd, techie, gamer, or geek will love! Read them below!

Image courtesy of alex_ugalek at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Profess your love on Social Media!

Profess your love on Twitter 14 times throughout the weekend. Sounds intense…Right? We think your love will adore you for it! Don’t forget to tag them in every tweet.

Have a night in on Valentine’s Day!

You and your love can play each others favorite video games after a nice home cooked meal.

Want to be a bit more romantic?

Stare up at the stars and have late night conversations on the 14th. Want to make it fun? You can use the astronomy app Star Walk to become amateur astronomers.

Eat, Comics, Love…

Browse a comic book store to pick out your favorite comics. After that, go home and share them over the best takeout in town.

Education and food are the perfect mix… Right?

Attend a coding seminar and cooking class to make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Once you’re done with your Valentine’s Day surprises make sure you head over to our site and purchase a pair of specs for your love. It will be a Valentine’s Day to remember.