Why Should I be Wearing Sunglasses

Why Should I be Wearing Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun is a must for your everyday health. UV rays are damaging to the eyes and may lead to the development of cataracts later in life. Beyond that there are three major reasons that you should wear sunglasses during daylight hours.

UV Protection

UV light is bad for your eyes. Over time exposure to UV sources may cause any number of negative effects on your eyes including : cataracts, benign growths, and photokeratitis. These are just some of the negative effects caused by UV light. So reduce your risk by wearing sunglasses.

Blue Light Protection

Blue light given off by the sun is a leading cause of digital eye strain and macular degeneration. Don’t take chances not wearing sunglasses.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer around the eye makes up about 10% of all skin cancer. Wearing sunglasses can drastically reduce your risk of developing such a condition. Wear sunglasses while you are outside regardless of the activity you are participating in.

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